2024 2nd International Conference on Remote Sensing, Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (RSMG2024)
Call For Papers
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Call For Papers

Remote Sensing

Environmental Remote Sensing

Optical Remote Sensing

Image Data Processing Technology

Hyperspectral Image Processing

Remote Sensing Information Extraction

Big Data Analysis and Processing

Optical Remote Sensing

Global Positioning and Navigation System

Synthetic Aperture Radar

Classification and Data Mining Techniques

Microwave Remote Sensing

Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping

Other relevant topics

Surveying and mapping


Surveying and Mapping Technology

Precision Surveying and Mapping Instrument

Principle and Application of GPS 

Digital Mapping

Deformation Monitoring Data Processing

Digital Image Processing

Geographical Science


Other relevant topics 

Geographic Information Systems

Geo-geological   Information 

The Development and Application of Geographic Information Technology in Geographical Environment/geology/rock and Soil, Mineral and Energy Resources

Geohazards & Earthquake engineering

Earth Detection and Information Technology

Remote Sensing Interpretation of Geological    Structure/Tect--onic Evolution

Geographic Information System 

Global Navigation Satellite System